Financial Objective: US $ 22.6 M by 2025
Gender marker:

What is it?

The Bio-business Financing Platform develops a portfolio of projects with an emphasis on bioeconomy for the mobilization of impact investment funds and financing through preferential green credits, seed capital and risk. 

Through the creation of five innovative financial mechanisms, the bio-business platform seeks to mobilize funds to address the investment gap in biodiversity through private productive projects.


Promote companies and enterprises (startups) that apply the sustainable use of biodiversity or whose business model seeks to mitigate, reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of human activities on ecosystems.

Strategic partners:

Development Banking System (SBD), MICITT, MEIC, MINAE, MAG, Fundecooperación, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) PROCOMER, CINDE, FONAFIFO, National Bank

BIOFIN methodology results:

– Spend better
– Generate income

Financial mechanisms:

  • Bioenterprise acceleration program
  • BioInnova Program
  • BioAcelera
  • Crédito Mujeres Natura – Fundecooperación
  • Rural Woman Credit FONAFIFO.


1.  Partnership goal met, 5 memorandums of understanding signed in total.   

2.6 M USD mobilized by 2021.

3.  80 project profiles developed in conjunction with the MICITT and the IDB as part of the project portfolio of the National Bioeconomy Strategy.

More information:

Visit the website of the  Bio-business Platform  for the National Bioeconomy Strategy.