Financial Goal: USD $ 24,250 million by 2025
Gender marker: 1

What is it?

A green bond is a debt instrument that allows the raising of resources through financial markets, investing these funds in projects with positive environmental impacts and guaranteeing a competitive return on investment.

This financial solution from BIOFIN seeks to strengthen the sustainable finance framework for the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), through the issuance of a green bond for investment in infrastructure of Protected Wild Areas (ASP). With this, it seeks to diversify and improve tourism services, which in turn will allow a greater possibility of expanding Concessions for Non-Essential Services and Activities (SANE) and will improve the income and financial sustainability of SINAC.


Improve the infrastructure of protected wild areas in order to increase visits and, therefore, the collection of entrance fees that support the financial sustainability of the Conservation Areas of Costa Rica.

Strategic partners:

SINAC, MINAE, Ministry of Finance

Financial results according to BIOFIN methodology:
– Generate income

Financial mechanism:
Issuance of a green/sustainable bond from the securitization of future flows.

Contribution to the SDGs:
15,14, 13, 6.


1. Partnership goal accomplished, 2 MoU duly signed, pending trust contract with SINAC for the Trust Fund.  

2. Financial and Legal Prefeasibility Study for the securitization of future flows for ASP inflows to finance the bond.

3. Trust Fund is currently in the development and authorization phase.

More information:

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